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Jan 20 2015

Swedish TV programming be damned

With any luck, this will solve a problem that has plagued my TV-watching experience ever since I moved to Sweden almost 13 years ago. For reasons I have never understood, the people who set the TV programming schedules in this country have an infuriating habit of randomly changing the times and days when shows air, making it …

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Oct 09 2014

Stalking Sophie’s neighbor Saga


One of the nicest things about Coach Bad-@$$ AKA my friend Sophie (and there are MANY to choose from) is that she is tuned-in to other stuff about me besides my fitness quest and her power to torture me with Burpees, military push-ups and interminable planks.(And whatever else she comes up with …stay tuned.) For …

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Jan 08 2014

NBC’s “Sound of Music” comes to Sweden, Vikings cringe


This would normally be the kind of event I would “live-Tweet”, but since NBC’s live production of “The Sound of Music” stage play had aired in the US over a month ago (and wasn’t “live” in any case), I decided to just mention it in my Facebook Timeline, where I honestly expected it to garner very little …

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Aug 09 2012

Pre-match jitters, Swedish TV edition


Like lots of Americans, I’m a bit nervous about tonight’s Olympic gold medal women’s soccer match. Naturally I want to see Team USA come out the victor over Japan, but I’m far more worried about whether or not SVT is going to let me watch the whole match on our big flat-screen, or if they’re going …

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Jan 19 2012

Do not mess with Sir Richard Attenborough

I was SO looking forward to watching the latest series of  world-renown BBC nature documentaries, Frozen Planet. We were mesmerized by the original Planet Earth series, to the point that we could not pull ourselves away from the TV one winter Saturday when the Discovery Channel showed all 11 episodes back-to-back. We also enjoyed Blue Planet, …

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Nov 16 2010

Have Mercy, Mr. Shue!

It's been driving me crazy that Glee seems to be in hiatus here in Sweden (and as with all Swedish TV programming decisions…NOBODY UNDERSTANDS WHY), and images like this one from the December issue of Details magazine are not helping!!!

Jun 21 2010

Swedish state television FAIL

It feels like the entire country is moving a little slowly today. I suspect it's because large parts of Sweden are still nursing a hangover from the nationwide party that was the Royal Wedding Weekend. What's that you say, American and European readers? You didn't see any news coverage of the most significant internationally newsworthy …

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