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Nov 22 2010

Howdy from the Heartland

Where it is an unsettling 69 degrees (21C) and very windy. We don’t have any of the right clothes for this kind of weather! The flight to Chicago was long with several bouts of turbulence, one of which was violent enough that the entire flight crew had to be buckled in for what felt like …

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Apr 19 2010

Taco Bell’s 5 ingredients combined in a totally new way!

The Onion sends up my favorite fast food.

Jan 13 2009

“Do you, Shazzer, take this taco…”


  While I doubt I could ever talk Dr. Darling into tying the knot at a Taco Bell restaurant, I could totally see my Beloved Bellcatering the reception! Couple marries at Taco Bell  

Nov 29 2008

Thanksgiving with the Buckeyes: Twitter-style

Yeah, I know, this is TOTALLY cheating.  But I also know myself, and this is the only way I’ll ever get around to chronicling the Ohio Roadtrip after the fact.  So, direct from my Twitter timeline*, I present the following entry. Enjoy. On the road to Akron, Ohio. The 12 hours it will take to get there and …

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Nov 30 2006

So I was off by 30 minutes…

I managed to put in a full day of work yesterday, which was pretty remarkable considering I had been awake since 3:45 a.m. My plan was to stick to mostly mindless activities since most of my mind was still in the U.S., but the CEO had other ideas and I ended up having to write …

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Nov 18 2006

Clearly I’m NEVER too tired to eat or shop…

Greetings from the Heartland, where Dr. D and I have been nothing if not efficient!  As of noon today and we'd already been to Super Target (for Einstein's jalapeno bagels and pepperjack cheese), to Krispy Kreme for a free sample donut and coffee, and to Super Walmart to stock up on all the usuals…over-the-counter cold medicine, Smucker's All …

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Oct 03 2006

My weekend in Hell’s Kitchen

Not the famous New York City neighborhood (sadly), but the Fox Network TV show.  And yes, I realize that it's been on the air for two seasons now, but I live in Sweden, remember? Reality TV shows have been a guilty pleasure ever since I saw "Puck" dip his grubby fingers into a communal jar …

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