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Oct 13 2015

Somebody’s taking customer service seriously

I realize that I’m still in the “honeymoon phase” with my new employer, but if today’s experience with the IT HelpDesk is any indication, I’m pretty confident that I can look forward to a VERY happy marriage. First off, I thought it was a fairly good sign that I was nearly 9 days into the new job …

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Jun 11 2011

Today’s workout courtesy of technical difficulties

Dr. Darling called me on my way home from the train station on Thursday afternoon to report that the elevator in our building was behaving strangely and suggest that I not use it.  And sure enough, when I entered the building I found our 5th floor neighbor’s dog tied to the hand railing of the …

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Apr 19 2006

The Vast Telia Conspiracy

So yesterday Dr. Darling rings me at my office from her mobile phone BEFORE NOON. Shazz:  Where are you? Dr. Darling:  I’m home. Our landline is dead. Shazz: Please tell me you’re kidding. Dr. Darling: I’m not.  But maybe it’s because they’re connecting our broadband. (And in my head I hear “Since when are you the …

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Apr 13 2006

I’m a Bad Blogger lately…

All apologies to my three faithful readers for being such a crappy chronicler these days. A rotten writer…a junky journalist … a scurrilous scribe … pick your favorite alliteration and go with it! There are a couple reasons for it, not least of which is the slow-as-a-slug dial up internet connection we have to endure at The …

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Apr 11 2006

Reason #637 why I hate MS Windoze

My company FORCES me to use a PC laptop outfitted with Windows XP and while there are MANY reasons to resent this, today I’m griping about one in particular. It makes me change my frippity-friggin-rassen-frassen password every six months!!! AND THEN it won’t even allow me to change it to anything remotely memorable like ihatechangingmypassword …

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Mar 27 2006

We’re IN!

Sorry for the delay in reporting in…but we have no internet at The Penthouse – Nordic and probably won’t have for a week…which surprises the hell out of both of us since Dr. Darling had a very extensive conversation with the Telia customer service rep when she called to order the service moved (along with our …

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Apr 22 2005

Technical difficulties…

So I finally got the “new” laptop my boss promised me back when I first started my job (in November of last year). I’m using quotation marks around the word “new” because it’s only “new” to me…it actually belonged to a colleague in the IT Dept. until he left the company in February. Also, it’s …

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