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Mar 24 2011

The Great Train Robbery of 2011

I had to be in Malmö for a mid-afternoon eye doctor’s appointment today, so I left my office shortly after lunch for the commute home. In hindsight, I probably should have bitten the bullet and just used the (typically disgusting) toilet on the train, but I actually didn’t realize how bad I had to wizz …

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Jan 01 2011

I’d resent having to work on New Year’s Day, too.

I don't generally cross-post stuff from my tumblelogs (yes, that word is intentionally plural. I have two of them: The Viking Diaries and ShazzerSurfing). But the Mothership and I happened to be right outside Malmö's Central Rail Station just before 11:00 this morning when a (fortunately empty) passenger train got away from a rail-yard worker …

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Dec 14 2010

Wasn’t this supposed to make my commute easier?

Malmö's City Tunnel, which has been under construction since 2005, finally opened to train traffic this week. The massive project converted Malmö's main railway station from a terminus to a through-station, and then connected it to two new stations under the city on the way to the Öresund Bridge to Copenhagen. Dr. Darling and I …

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Sep 11 2010

Staggering up to Stockholm

I’m tapping out this entry in the Awesome Note application on my iPhone because the WiFi access included in my 1st Class ticket aboard the X2000 “fast train” is not working in this particular car. And it also appears that Skånetrafiken does not have a corner on the “late train” market because we are currently …

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