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May 18 2015

Just got my butt kicked in a beautiful place


Dr. Darling and I are back from our much anticipated first-ever road-trip with our friends Sophie & Matilda (AKA “the Sonic Youth”). We share a lot of similar interests and they are just plain fun to be with … so we kind of figured that traveling with them had the potential to be all kinds of win. On …

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May 13 2015

Too bad we’re not skiing


Dr. Darling and I are heading to the Swiss Alps tomorrow for a highly anticipated long “Training Weekend” organized by Coach Bad-@$$. “Highly anticipated” because #1) it’s the first time we’ve ever road-tripped with the globe-trotting Sonic Youth (AKA Sophie & Mrs. Coach Bad-@$$, Matilda), something we have long wanted to do, B) it’s going …

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Apr 22 2015

I definitely didn’t sign up for THIS

When my plans to participate in The Toughest obstacle course race next month had to be scrapped due to my unanticipated tentativeness as a climber, my fitness mentor was extremely supportive. Not only did Coach Bad-@$$ understand why I had to withdraw, she also stepped in to “buy-out” my entry. The race is extremely popular and …

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Apr 02 2015

Not so tough after all


After taking a well-earned break from training following my first-ever 10k race last summer, I found myself having a hard time getting back into the swing of things. At this point in my life I know myself pretty well, and  though I wasn’t happy about it, I could easily accept the fact that having a specific …

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Jan 26 2015

2015 MalmöMilen = no longer “optional”


Last summer I ran my very first (and only) 10K race. And I’m using the term “race”  very loosely here. For me, the only race involved was against the event crew responsible for disassembling the finish line timing system. I had been challenged to run it the summer before by my friend and then soon-to-be …

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Jan 13 2015

In case anybody needs a gift idea for me …


  It’s also available as a sweatshirt, coffee mug and a bumper sticker, but I don’t own a car. Though I suppose I could always stick it to my ass while I’m out not enjoying a run. 😛    

Nov 19 2014

The scale’s got my number

Over the past 4.5 months, my fitness mentors, informal nutrition advisors, Team Sopherocious members & personal cheerleaders have all (wisely & rightly) advised me to ignore the scale. After all, weight-loss is only one of numerous ways to measure the effectiveness of a work-out regimen and/or healthy diet. But when Dr. Darling and I started …

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