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Oct 30 2015

“Playing like a girl means you’re a badass”


The US Women’s National Soccer Team made it’s post-2015 World Cup Championship visit to the White House this week, and the POTUS … the father of two girls … did not miss a Carli Lloyd hat-trick. Here’s a photo of him with the team, and there’s a terrific video on the White House website as well. Definitely …

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Jul 06 2015

The USWNT & Marriage Equality win the World Cup


It’s probably going to take me awhile to recover from the FIFA Women’s World Cup tournament. Not just because the U.S. won it for the first time since 1999, but because I’ve had to keep such wacky hours in order to catch the matches live in Canadian time on Swedish TV. Euphoric AND sleep-deprived is a really weird combination, …

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Jul 14 2014

Super Mario’s goal, super pretty


I spent a lot of time watching World Cup soccer the past couple of weeks … in most cases rooting against Germany. It’s a reflex action, really. I don’t know why … something left over from years of watching former East German athletes dominate the Olympics (often with the assistance of East German judges) maybe. But …

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Jun 24 2010

Who says Americans don’t get into soccer?

Jun 20 2006

Looks like I picked the wrong date for an anniversary…

It was four years ago today that I moved to the Land of Vikings, but thanks to Sweden’s World Cup schedule…instead of celebrating the closest thing we have to a real anniversary…Dr. Darling and I are sitting in front of the TV along with 97% of the rest of the country. (The other 3% are …

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Jun 11 2006

Brotherly Visit Day 3: The Stinky Fog Tour


Davy got an excellent taste of the fickleness of Swedish weather on Saturday.  We were headed for Ales Stenar by way of Ystad, and the skies were sunny and gorgeous until we got a few kilometers from the coas t… at which point we encountered fog as thick as pea soup.  It was like driving …

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